Student Engagement

series of images of students at the university of minnesota

Student Affairs encourages students to take control of their co-curricular involvement by finding meaningful opportunities that add to their overall learning and development as engaged members of the University community. This could be achieved by joining a student group, attending events, working on campus, developing leadership skills, and being recognized for taking an active role in your development.

Engagement outside of the classroom is more than being involved; it is about investing time and energy into intentional experiences that contribute to academic, career and personal goals. While there are many opportunities designed to enhance student experience, students define what's important to them and engage in the opportunities that help them grow in their own way. 

Student services offices, programs and student groups are organizing in person and virtual events and opportunities so that students can stay socially distant but still engaged!

Engagement is important because it promotes...

  • Positive mental health
  • Increased sense of belonging during this time of some isolation
  • Many programs can meet you where you are
  • Opportunities to connect with other students


Visit OSA Impact for more on why Engagement Matters!

Check out the Student Affairs and many other engagement opportunities below.