Student Development Outcomes


The University of Minnesota is committed to providing the best undergraduate experience possible for its students and to prepare them for the next stages of their lives. It is in pursuit of these goals that the University is intentionally promoting the seven student development outcomes (SDOs) for all undergraduate students.

In 2007, along with the student learning outcomes, the University Senate of Education Policy Committee adopted these development outcomes as official policy. Together, the learning outcomes and the development outcomes are entwined as critical elements of the student experience. Learning and development must happen simultaneously, one cannot happen without the other.

Students are expected to develop in these seven areas by the time they graduate. These outcomes will assist students to become lifelong learners and engaged and effective citizens when they leave the University.

The University is dedicated to finding ways for students to participate in activities and programs that build on these areas. Services, support and opportunities are available to all undergraduate students to provide a more holistic educational experience. Experiential and reflective venues including service learning programs, volunteer programs, internships, learning aboard programs and student activities are offered. Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning and development that is occurring throughout their time at the University—to be “authors” of their life experiences.

The successful University of Minnesota student engages in activities which develop and demonstrate achievement in several areas.
  1. Responsibility and Accountability
  2. Independence and Interdependence
  3. Goal Orientation
  4. Self Awareness
  5. Resilience
  6. Appreciation of Differences
  7. Tolerance of Ambiguity