Responding to a student death

  • Please use this form to report a student death.
  • When a student dies, Advocacy and Support staff are involved in a variety of functions in response to the tragedy. Our responsibility extends to the parents/spouse/domestic partner/roommate(s)/close friends of the deceased and to the campus communities impacted by the student’s death. The immediate family directs much of this process with the support of our staff.
  • Please contact our office with information regarding any student death.

Advocacy and Support staff are able to notify various offices at the University to reduce unnecessary University contacts to the deceased student and/or their family. This includes notification to their college, One Stop, Office of the Registrar and the Official of Financial Aid among others. 

The University Community Response Team is available to offer assistance to the student’s friends, roommate, peers, classmates, and others impacted by the student’s death. A UCRT intervention may be requested by contacting Advocacy & Support or directly reaching out to Student Counseling Services. Impacted students may also call or come in for support from our Care Program. For example, students close to the deceased may request academic notification to professors if they are absent from class due to this situation.

Student Affairs hosts an annual campus memorial service in the spring of each year, called the Northern Stars Student Remembrance event. We remember each student in our U of M family that has died during the academic year. The service is open to families and all those affected by the loss of the U of M student.