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Suite 205 | Appleby Hall
student advocate services

Student Advocate Services provide assistance to students who have been accused of or charged with violating the Student Conduct Code, University Housing policy, or other academic or conduct policies. This includes:  Scholastic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism, honor code violations), Behavioral misconduct (e.g. drugs, underage drinking, disorderly conduct, theft), Sexual misconduct or Title IX violations (sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking)

Office: 205 Appleby Hall
Drop-In Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 2-3:30
Phone: 612-624-1760
Email[email protected]

care program

The Care Program provides coordinated care, support, and resources to students as they navigate the University and pursue their academic and personal goals. The Care Managers work to foster student development and wellbeing by offering a supportive, personalized response when difficulties arise.

Office: 205 Appleby Hall
Phone: 612-625-2517
Email[email protected]


parent & family program

The Parent & Family Program is available to answer questions, help navigate the university, assist in finding the appropriate resources and help talk through any challenges that parents and family members of our students are experiencing.

Office: 205 Appleby Hall 
Phone: 612-626-8770
Email[email protected]


Suite 211 | Appleby Hall
community standards

The Office for Community Standards works with students, faculty, and staff to uphold the Student Conduct Code as it applies to both academic and non-academic behavior and expectations.

Office: 211 Appleby Hall
Phone: 612-624-6073
Email[email protected]

Room 24 | Appleby Hall
student parent help center

Student Parent HELP Center offers programs and services that are designed to promote access, retention, and academic success for U of M undergraduate students who are also parents. Includes child care assistance grants, advocacy and referral, support groups, lounge space, computer center, and programs.

Office: Room 24 Appleby Hall 
Phone: 612-626-6015
Email[email protected]


Suite 254 | Appleby Hall
student conflict resolution center

The Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC) provides confidential, impartial, and informal conflict resolution services to all Twin Cities campus students who are experiencing University-related problems or concerns. An SCRC staff person can help clarify the nature and scope of the problem, and identify options for resolution.

Office: 254 Appleby Hall
Phone: 612-624-7272
Email[email protected]


West Bank Skyway
student legal service

Student Legal Service represents, advises, and educates students in legal matters such as landlord/tenant law, family law, consumer issues, immigration law, and misdemeanor offenses. We also offer a "Career Exploration" program to students interested in pursuing law or a law related profession.

Office: 160 West Bank Skyway
Phone: 612-624-1001
Email[email protected]