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At the U of M Twin Cities campus, 17.5% of students worry their food will run out before they can buy more; additionally 10% of students actually experience food shortages. The Nutritious U Food Pantry provides fresh and healthy food to students that struggle to get enough to eat.

Any student is able to visit the food pantry, no proof of need is necessary. They can choose which items they would like, just like a grocery store. They can choose from food groups including fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and proteins. We provide lots of fresh produce, in fact, over 50% of the total weight of food we distribute is fresh produce. At the moment, we purchase every option of fresh produce that is available to us, which is why you will notice the same foods appearing each month.

We purchase food for Nutritious U from The Food Group, a local food bank in the metro. We purchase our food in order to choose the fresh, wholesome food items that we promote at Nutritious U. We get extremely discounted prices from this bulk food purchasing program at The Food Group. The food comes delivered all at once on pallets. Student volunteers help unload all of the food (roughly 4,000 lbs each month!) and stock the food pantry shelves to make it look like a grocery store.

We are supported through the Office for Student Affairs and Boynton Health. We are extremely appreciative of the generous donations we have also received that help support Nutritious U. If you are interested in donating, you may do so through the University of Minnesota Foundation.

Upcoming Dates

  • September 25-27th
  • October 30-November 1st
  • November 27-29th
  • December 11-13th
  • January 29-31st
  • February 26-28th
  • March 26-28th
  • April 23-25th 

Contact Us

300 Washington Ave SE, Room 210
Minneapolis , MN 55455



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